Polyester SUCCESS and Indigogo launch!

We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who came down to our Polyester Fundraiser on Friday- it was an amazing night and it was so great to see LGBTQIA+ community being built and celebrated. Thank you to Polyester for having us and thank you to everyone who donated!!! Thanks to your generosity we are thrilled to say we raised over £400!!! We are still waiting to hear the exact sales figures from the Queer Beer so we will publish the exact amount we raised as soon as we find out.

If you didn’t make it down to our fundraiser, but still want to help out, you can donate online at our Indiegogo page. We still have some way to go to raise enough to ensure our event is as accessible and as inclusive as possible, so any help is much appreciated!

Remember, if you can’t donate money you can still help in other ways, such as coming along to our meetings, attending our events, offering a skill you might have, or simply showing your support by liking and sharing our facebook page.

Thanks again to everyone who has helped get us one big step closer to our goal!!!!


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