Stalls at Free Pride!

Stalls! Everybody loves stalls!

At Free Pride we aim to have a space for LGBTQIA+ groups, organisations, and charities, among others, to set up stalls to reach out to those of us at the event! Stalls like these are great ways for these groups to provide helpful and educational information and support to those who need it, as well as helping the distribution of important health and well being provisions (also sometimes cute tote bags and badges!)

At too many Pride events around the world these spaces are being dominated by corporate organisations who use their stalls to sell their products and capitalise on the pink pound, as well as using them to engage in pinkwashing
where they use their inclusion of LGBT staff members to distract from their failure to support the needs of queer people around the world. Many Pride events even require that entry wristbands or tickets are purchased to access these stalls, and as a result cut off the important information and support from those who may need it most.

At Free Pride we want stalls to be free to access! We already have stalls confirmed with LGBT Unity, Sex Workers Open University, Glasgow Women’s Library, Glasgow Roller
Derby, WestGap, and Rape Crisis Scotland.

So make sure you check out our stalls on the day from 2pm at the Art School!

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