Talks and Workshops: Who Cares?

At too many Pride events around the world the focus is too much on partying and creating a festival atmosphere. Pride has lost its radical, political edge and we want to return Pride to its roots. Unlike too many other Prides, at Free Pride we want to put priority on creating safe spaces for LGBTQIA+ people to have educational and radical discussions, talks, and workshops that brings the focus of the day back to LGBTQIA+ people and issues that are important and all to often overlooked.

Throughout the day we will have various talks and workshops on topics including bisexuality, asexuality, intersectionality, and sex work. One talk that we are very excited for is a talk from “Who Cares?”

Who Cares? Scotland is an independent charity and membership organisation that supports people brought up in the care system. At present, 15000 young people are living in care in Scotland. Who Cares? Scotland works intersectionally and explores and promotes all parts of young people’s identities. 90% of young people are taken into care because of abuse and neglect but they report feeling judged and stigmatised because of their care experience.

At Free Pride, LGBT care experienced young people will share their stories. They will talk to attendees about what it is like to be LGBT and in care. To worry about whether your new foster parent or children’s home worker will accept your identity and to have no control over where you live if they don’t. They will ask people in attendance to take the Pledge To Listen and let them know how they can help to make society better for young people brought up in care of the state.

Stay tuned to our event page for more information on the other talks, workshops and discussions, as well as the running order to be announced soon!

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