On June 28 1970 the Christopher Street Liberation Day march in New York City marked the first anniversary of the Stonewall riots. Brenda Howard – a member of the Gay Liberation Front and other queer activist groups, who was a bisexual, polyamorous, sex-positive feminist, involved in BDSM – became known as the “Mother of Pride” for her work in coordinating the commemorative march. The March started a long tradition of commemorative marches held every year all around the world.

Pride marches are important. They remain a defiant and sometimes vibrant assertion and celebration of identity and community. They remain highly political spaces with the potential for protest and activism to fight for change. And they remain an event in which it takes a lot of courage to attend, especially in places in the world where there is increased threat of attack.

Free Pride will be joining Glasgow Pride’s Pride march on August 22nd before our free event. We will march to peacefully protest the issues in our manifesto and the issues we will be exploring during our event. We would love for you to march with us!

Check out our march event page here:

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